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Freakonomics guys need to rethink their plan on global warming

I wonder what this baby bear thinks?
I wonder what this baby bear thinks?
Baby Polar Bear by Wilson

Stephen Dubner and Steven Levitt, the SuperFreakonomics guys need to rethink their plan, especially when it comes to global warming. In their latest book, "SuperFreakonomics" they say the answer to global warming will take only five easy fixes!

1. Hurricanes - They suggest wave-powered vessels that float along and cool the surface of the ocean.

2. Earth's Rising Temperature - A garden hose long enough to cool it off! What?

3. Malaria - Use lasers on people to get rid of mosquito's, or a photonic fence. Why is this grouped in with global warming?

4. Vaccines for third-world countries - Get a big huge box and keep it cool in the jungles of Africa with billions and billions of vaccines. Yes this would work right? Sure it would.

5. Depleting Ozone - Forget the gas from cows, kangaroos can get the job done faster, and without harmful methane. They also suggest we might as well eat the kangaroo.

I think the Freakonomics guys are a little off here folks. I especially like their quote, "cheap and simple fixes have often solved the world's biggest problems." Maybe so, but I don't think they sell garden hoses that long!