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Freakish Corvette Z06X shown at SEMA

SEMA sees Z06X package
SEMA sees Z06X package

The SEMA convention, otherwise littered with overdone modifications and gaudiness does occasionally have its gems. In our books, the Corvette Z06X certainly classifies as one of them.

Start with one potent Corvette, tune the LS7 to 600 horsepower using a new air-intake, headers and head pounding three inch exhaust, add sway bars to the suspension and cut the weight by ditching plastic and metal and substituting carbon fiber, poly rear window, racing seats and you can rock and roll.

Add some racing seats, SCCA approved roll cage, monster 19" / 20" racing wheels and tires and you are ready to burn the pavement with the hottest Corvette that can run on the street.