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Freak weather systems and earthquakes in unlikely places slamming the globe

From the freak winter weather in the South to the UK and more, the weather has seemingly gone nuts.

Vehicles are piled up in an wreck Friday, February 14, in Bensalem, Pennsylvania. Traffic accidents involving multiple tractor-trailers and dozens of cars completely blocked one side of the Pennsylvania Turnpike outside Philadelphia.

Even the climate agency says this has been a remarkably unique winter. The "meteorological madness" seems to be in organized chaos as the explanations are offered as to why things have been so out of whack this year.

Still, as their explanations come forth a magnitude 4.1 earthquake hit Friday night in west-central South Carolina. Many wonder how exactly that will be explained. Lets not mention the unusual volcanic activities that are going on as we speak.

There is no one region experiencing strange weather phenomenon. Mother Nature has seemingly unleashed her vengeance on the world, from Russia to the Western United States and beyond.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration agrees that this is no fluke and it is all related, weather wise anyways.

NOAA environmentalist Bill Lapenta released a statement saying, "The drought parching California; those two snowpocalypses in the South; the unrelenting New England snow; the sopping soaking of the UK; short sleeves on Sochi's snow-hungry slopes."

Lapenta also mentioned that the systems are all interlinked, saying it is a long-wave pattern and that much of the strange weather is "associated with that, so they are connected in that sense."

It has also been explained as the jet stream being unusually placed this year, which has made foul weather dip further South. That has aided to the ice and snow from "Louisiana to the Carolina's."

The jet stream is also getting the blame for the weather system responsible for flooding Great Britain.

Oddly enough where the 2014 Winter Olympics is being held the weather is nothing short of springtime glory.

With the jet stream being the culprit it is also moving much slower that it once did. Now this means longer nasty weather periods.

Climate change could be the culprit underlying the issue, but many are avoiding that topic of reasoning.

Lapenta only said he too would like to have that answered, and he said, ""That's an area of research that we're currently investigating; We don't have a clear-cut answer to that question."

Climate scientists are working on establishing a connection that would make them better able to predict the strange and unusually dangerous weather in the future.

Back to that 4.1 magnitude earthquake that struck Friday night in west-central South Carolina, is it a coincidence that all of this as well as the strange volcanic activities are taking place simultaneously with the freak weather conditions across the globe? This is the 13th quake to hit the area in a year!

In more weather related news the UK is facing some serious and deadly weather too. Two deaths have been reported as the storms continue to ravish the region. One victim was an 85-year-old man.

In the United States the East Coast had had its share of deadly weather, Conditions have been cold, icy and dangerous.

Travelers are stranded, and it seems that the US is getting trampled by one winter storm after another. Many of these in regions where the people have no idea how to manage let alone survive or function in such conditions.

There has been a "sloppy mix of snow and face-stinging sleet grounded more than 6,500 flights nationwide" just on Thursday alone. Schools, businesses and even some levels of government had closed down due to the extreme conditions. Friday morning did lessen the number of flight cancellations, which "dropped to about 1,110 nationwide. Many schools remained closed in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York state, Pennsylvania, Vermont and Virginia, while some in Rhode Island were opening late." according to CNN reporters.

Sounds a bit like an end of days movie, doesn't it?

While in reality the volcanic activity and quakes are most likely not related, but just a product of impeccable timing for conspiracy theorists, this is the "snowiest winter"on record across the country and to date.

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