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Frat pledge's death is deemed a murder case

A Pennsylvania District Attorney is planning to file murder charges in connection with the death of a fraternity pledge who was fatally injured while performing initiation tasks for the fraternity. The Pi Delta Psi fraternity of Baruch College is being blamed for the hazing death of the 19 year old pledge, Michael Deng, according to ABC News, Feb. 15, 2014.

Deng, who was blindfolded, got tackled several times while being forced to carry a 20 pound sack of sand. At one point during the hazing ritual which is called "glass ceiling," Deng fell over and hit his head, resulting in his death.

What was even more shocking and bizarre than the "glass ceiling" ritual was what took place next. The fraternity brothers took Deng into the house, changed his clothes, put him near the fireplace and then searched Google for information on his injuries while inputting his symptoms. The brothers never called 911 and instead relied totally on the results of their Google searches for information on how to assist Deng.

Deng was brought to the hospital by one of the fraternity brothers two more hours later after he failed to regain consciousness. Deng passed away two days later.

It is not known at this time who will be charged nor what the extent of the charges will be. In the meantime, the fraternity brothers have been suspended from Baruch College.

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