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Franz Kafka: The Game

It's probably safe to say that none of us enjoyed being force-fed Kafka in high school. Who wants pages of creepy scenarios, bug people and general disillusionment with life? Those stories weren't fun to read.

But they could be fun to play.

A game based on the works of Russian author Franz Kafka is now in the works itself, thanks to Laughing Squid and Russian game developer Denis Galanin, the creator of "Hamlet: or the Last Game Without RPG Features, Shaders and Product Placement" and more popularly known as mif2000, his internet handle.

Very little is known about the game so far, but the trailer on the Laughing Squid website promises puzzles, smooth animation and a suitably creepy experience, using surrealism and asymmetry to make the player slightly uncomfortable, just like Kafka might have wanted.

The game will be released for smartphones (both iPhone and Android) and PC, Mac and Linux.

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