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Franklin Graham blasts "anti-Christ" Obama and "ungodly" World Vision

Franklin Graham
Franklin Graham
AP Photo

On March 24, 2014, Franklin Graham appeared on Washington Watch, where he claimed that President Obama and his administration are behind "a move to get rid of the chaplains in our country and to completely secularize our military."

They are hostile to Christians and a lot of this is coming from this administration and it is being pushed by people within the White House, and when I say White House I'm not saying the president because I'm not sure how much of this he's aware of, but it’s people who work for him that have power that are sitting in offices and they are hostile to Christ, they are anti-Christ in what they say and what they do and they are pushing this agenda into the military and it's scary.

It's also completely false; just another baseless conspiracy theory from the American Taliban operating under the logic that, because Obama is not claiming to have been divinely appointed to the presidency and championing theocracy, he must be anti-Christian.

In case that was not obvious enough, Graham further claimed that God will punish America because "as a result of spending billions on education we have taught our young people not to believe in God and now to begin to accept standards that are contrary to God's laws and contrary to His teaching."

Graham also took some time to lash out at World Vision, the Christian charity that recently announced it would recognize the marriages of its gay employees.

"It's obvious World Vision does not believe the Bible," said Graham said. "I'm sickened over it…. I'm just heartbroken and I'm sickened that World Vision has taken this ungodly position."

What's more obvious is that Graham must have fallen asleep every single time he tried to read the New Testament. There's a lot of stuff in there about loving your neighbors and not repaying evil with evil that he clearly isn't aware of.

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