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Frankie Valli served the nation with his own voice during a Capitol Fourth

Frankie Valli sang his heart out on the July 4, 2014, celebration
Frankie Valli sang his heart out on the July 4, 2014, celebration
Photo by Paul Morigi

The personal representative for music legend Frankie Valli called the present writer from her hotel during her vacation to dispel a lie that some readers have reported on the internet.

Perhaps because it is amazing to see a senior citizen perform with the zest and enthusiasm that Valli brought to the stage on July 4th. Some misguided people have said that Valli was not actually singing during his outstanding performance. After speaking to Victoria Varela the debate and the misrepresentation can be put to bed by "You may report to your readers that Frankie was singing on July 4th. It was a live performance.

One reader wrote that he had received negative reports that Valli was only acting to a recording of his voice. Having heard Valli singing during the rehearsal on Thursday July 3rd, 2014, the present writer raised the question as to why Valli would rehearse on Thursday as hurricane Arthur was barreling down the North Carolina coast if he was not practicing his voice for his performance on Friday. Before speaking to Valli, through his representation, it was clear to the writer that he was singing on both nights.

"Frankie appreciates the outpouring of love and support from his fans. It means a great deal to him," she said. For those fortunate enough to be in the audience there was something that the excellent television camera coverage from PBS could not cover. It was the hundreds of thousands of people who held hands and danced with their love interests as he sang. The quality, the honesty, and sincerity of his voice as he sang, "I Can't Take My Eyes Off You" and "Let's Hang On, touched the heart. He said "Are you ready out there, are you ready," to sing with him. It was a chorus of voices in the beautiful July night sky in Washington.

To take away from his incredible performance is not only cruel, it is an injustice. And as the great Martin Luther King said, "A man dies when he sees injustice and does nothing about it." So dear readers to the hundreds of thousands of you who have read the present writers articles on, the promise to always tell you the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, stands until death.

A reader wrote, "Good day, Professor Metze. I have a question for you that I hope will only take a moment of your time. I'm a big fan of Frankie Valli, and in some online comments a person was contending that Frankie was lip-synching during his performance in Washington last night. So my question is: were you physically there for either the rehearsal or the
actual performance? And, if so, was there any evidence of lip-synching?"

Well now, America, you have the answer. Frankie Valli sang his heart out on July 4th, 2014. It was a performance that the present writer will never forget. America should not forget Frankie Valli for his service to the nation. He deserves a medal for his lifelong service to his nation. Thank you, Frankie Valli.

Note: The wonderful publishing site was down for maintenance during the writer's planned Friday postings. Several articles will appear at once. The publishing site is up now and working beautifully. Stay tuned for a series of articles to come.

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