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'Frankenstein' turns 196 today

On this day in 1818, Mary Shelley's book, "Frankenstein" was first published. That means that "Frankenstein," turns 196 today! This horror tale is still one of the most popular horror novels out there to read.

A pet peeve especially now that memes are popular are the making fun of those who call the monster, Frankenstein. It's Victor Frankenstein, who creates the monster. We could almost blame the movies for the confusion.

The story spawned several movie adaptations, starting with an early silent version to recently, "I, Frankenstein." Which even more recently is the talks of the 2015 Frankenstein film that will be starring Daniel Radcliffe. The story is timeless, so it's no wonder why movie studios keep making programs about the Monster and its crazed doctor.

The story also inspired plays, radio adaptations, comics, toys, and so on. Though nothing compares to the novel. It is the original and best story about the Gothic tale. Take some time today to relive this classic and maybe read a chapter or two.

The legacy of Frankenstein is like the legacy of "Dracula," it's a timeless tale.

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