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'Frankenfood' shouts ‘Bring It on Brooklyn!’ on Spike

The two stars of Frankenfood Josh Capon and Tony Luke Jr.
Photo by Brad Barket/Getty Images for Spike TV

On tonight’s episode of “Frankenfood,” is titled, “Bring It on Brooklyn! As the introduction gives the description of “Frankenfood,” as a mash up of original and unexpected food combinations and ingredients, resulting in delicious dishes … or awful misses, one can only wonder what the chefs will be tasting.

Vociferous chef Josh Capon is in Brooklyn with the sandwich king, Tony Luke Jr., where hundreds of cooks have come out to the Frankenfood kitchens where the winner will be featured on the menu of one of the hottest gastro pubs, Sweet Science. They are trying to create the next food craze and win $10,000.

As each contestant will offer their food creation to Josh, Tony and guest judge, James Freeman, owner of Sweet Science will choose the best dishes. The final two will be served at the restaurant where the public will decide the winner, whose dish will appear on their menu.

The first entry from Bruce Brown, a business owner and probably the peppiest person on the show, gave his creation called Halloween Hangover Cheesecake. It contained 24 different candy bars, vanilla malt cheesecake, on a chocolate cookie crust. It was a winner.

A high school teacher with numerous tattoos, Robert “Bear” Carito, presented his outrageous Pulled Pork Smore, made from graham crackers, dark chocolate, sea salt, candied bacon, pulled pork and a habanero marshmallow on top. This was another winner.

Student Amy Richards gave them her Heart Mender Special consisting of carrot & blackberry puree, fried liver, strawberry mashed potatoes, green plantains, fried sardines with jerk seasoning served on an ice cream cone. It was put into the bucket for a Franken-Fail.

Next, was a Mac ‘N’ Cheesecake, made from a wafer cone with a cupcake baked inside, mac & cheeses, ground turkey, topped with ice cream. Goodbye!

The next creation called, Meatball Soup containing bull balls, that was spat out upon hearing the ingredients.

Megan Denson presented Chicken Fingers, those were actually chicken feet, with teriyaki/sesame sauce, Brussels sprouts and persimmons, then she presented a lemon habanero sauce to dip them. Franken-Fail!

Student Nakisha Cruz was next with Sunday Night Dinner. Hers consisted of BBQ chicken, cornbread & collard greens muffin, apple compote topped with spicy Cool Whip. They liked it and sent her to the next round.

Clint Cantwell presented his little pig called Pork E. Pigskin with smoked sausage legs, ham ears, hot dog nose, pork rind tail, with a ground sausage body wrapped in bacon, that gave him three yes votes.

The last dish of the day was from cancer survivor Tito Dudley, who presented his Bunless Cheesecake Burger. It consisted of grass-fed beef patty, raspberry chutney, non-baked cheesecake, it garnered him three yes votes.

With four choices, the judges had to choose the top two for the restaurant competition, and the winners were Tito’s Bunless Cheesecake Burger and Nakisha’s Sunday Night Dinner.

Next, the winners met with the chefs to tweak their recipes. When they were perfect; they were served to the patrons of Sweet Science.

When the votes were tallied, the winner was Nakisha’s Sunday Night Dinner, a winner by one vote as the Brooklyn “Frankenfood” $10,000 winner whose food item will appear on the Sweet Science menu. Congratulations!

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