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'Frankenfood' sees ‘Lone Star Cooks Cowboy Up’ on Spike

Frankenfood judges Tony Luke Jr. and Josh Capon
Frankenfood judges Tony Luke Jr. and Josh Capon
"Photo courtesy of Spike, used with permission”

Last night’s episode of “Frankenfood,” was titled, “Lone Star Cooks Cowboy Up.” As the introduction gives the description of “Frankenfood,” as a mash up of original and unexpected food combinations and ingredients, resulting in delicious dishes … or awful misses, one can only wonder what the chefs will be tasting.

Chef Josh Capon is in Dallas with the sandwich king, Tony Luke Jr., where hundreds of cooks have come out to the Frankenfood kitchen. The winner will be featured on the menu of L U C K local urban craft kitchen is trying to create the next food craze and win $10,000.

As each contestant offers their food creation to Josh, Tony and guest judge, Jeff Dietzman, one of the restaurateurs behind this hot restaurant, they will choose the best dishes. The final two will be served at the restaurant where the public will decide the winner, whose dish will appear on their menu.

The first entry from ex-corrections officer David Page was PB & Jellumbo Shrimp PoBoy containing; peanut butter & jelly, jumbo shrimp, Nutella, green onions, carrots and cilantro. Two yes votes sent him to the next round.

The next entry from safety specialist, Scott Hulmes was the Burghetti; containing spaghetti, Italian sausage, sirloin beef and pork sausage, celery, Texas toast, parmesan cheese, mozzarella and basil.

Brittney Schram & Kelsey Lauren Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders were next with their Game-Day Parfait. It contained; fruit, granola, yogurt, fried chicken, mac & cheese, bacon and mashed potatoes. Franken-Fail

After several more disgusting entries that hit the buckets, a few additional entries tried their luck.

Stephen Sicola an urban farmer presented his Summer in the Sea. It contained; watermelon, sea scallops and chili lime vinaigrette. It was a yes times two.

Restaurant worker, Jesse Morris brought his B.L.T.T. containing; bacon, lettuce, tomato, croutons, jalapeno mayo and two yes votes.

Next, the four winners were mulled over by the judges and brought down to the two finalists. The choices were the Burghetti and PB & Jellumbo Shrimp PoBoy. So the chefs helped them tweak their recipes and presented them to the restaurant full of people.

When the votes were tallied, the winner was David Page’s PB & Jellumbo Shrimp PoBoy was the Dallas, Texas “Frankenfood” and $10,000 winner whose food item will appear on the L U C K menu. Congratulations!

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