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'Frankenfood' is ‘Blown Away by the Windy City’ on Spike

Tony Luke Jr. and Josh Capon of Frankenfood on Spike
Tony Luke Jr. and Josh Capon of Frankenfood on Spike
"Photo courtesy of Spike, used with permission”

On tonight’s premiere episode of “Frankenfood,” the introduction gives the description of “Frankenfood,” as a mash up of original and unexpected food combinations and ingredients, resulting in delicious dishes … or awful misses.

Jovial chef Josh Capon is in Chicago with the sandwich king, Tony Luke Jr., where hundreds of cooks have come out to Reggie’s where they are trying to create the next food craze and win $10,000. All entrants have their own reason why they want to win the $10,000; some plan to open their own restaurant, while others just want season tickets to the Bears.

As each contestant will offer their food creation to Josh, Tony and guest judge, Brendan Joyce, the menu creator at Reggie’s. The final two will be served at Reggie’s where the public will decide the winner.

The first entry from corrections worker, Patrick Cullen was a combo of a Chicago hot dog, and a deep-dish Chicago pizza called The Windy City; all three agreed; he had to move to the next round.

Kit Graham, a compliance specialist presented her entry, Marry Poppers, featuring mac & cheese stuffed inside a jalapeno pepper, breaded with cheese cracker crumbs and deep fried. Kit got two votes and moved on to the next round.

Teacher Michael Watz was next with his creation, Dixie Waffle & ‘Cue, a concoction of waffle, mac & cheese, beef brisket, mango-Granny Smith apple coleslaw, pickles, Slim Jim and cherry pepper. Sorry Michael, this was a Franken Fail.

Writer Mark McDermont was next with Dynamite Fiesta Pasta containing; chocolate, green chili, pesto pasta, cheese popcorn and caramelized pears. When two of the judges tasted and spit it out, Josh took a hike, which was against the rules, as each judge must taste the entries.

Chantiyanna Thigpen, a math student was next, with her math creation called Pizza Pi. It contained; sausage, apples, cinnamon, cheese and tomato sauce. Unfortunately, because there was too much cinnamon & cloves in the flavoring, she only received one vote, not enough to put her through to the next round.

Chezarae Grady, a cruise line employee was next with her creation; Chezarae’s Surfboard Bar. It contained chocolate-covered crab and was a colossal failure.

Next a Chicagomala, made from pig kidney, heart, liver and ears on a Fruity Pebbles bun. Gross, to say the least.

Mike Micek, a recording engineer presented his WTF Burger containing; burger, sriracha, marinara, pineapple, mozzarella, and inside the burger was candied bacon and a resounding yes to the next round.

Farmer’s market volunteer, Patti Sheppard was next with her lovely looking pie creation containing; cornmeal apple rosemary, smoky gouda, with corn jelly ice cream with candied jalapeno. With two votes, she moved on to the next round.

With four choices, the judges had to choose the top two for the restaurant competition, and the winners were Patrick’s Windy City and Kit’s Merry Poppers.

Next, the winners met with the chefs to tweak their recipes. Kit’s was ramped up with Chicago-style Italian beef added to the mac & cheese, and Patrick’s changed by making the pizza part hot, while leaving the condiment part cold. As the two cooks were busy making large amounts of their food, the diners were anxious to try their entries. After tasting both, they had to vote for their choice.

When the votes were tallied, the winner was Patrick’s Windy City, the first “Frankenfood” $10,000 winner whose food item will appear on Reggie’s menu.

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