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Franken's in trouble

Al Franken looks a little dumb-founded.
Al Franken looks a little dumb-founded.
Daily Kos

The only conclusion an honest pundit can reach after reading this letter to the editor is that Sen. Franken's re-election is in trouble:

I find the silence from Minnesota Democratic U.S. Sen. Al Franken disturbing over the recent Federal Government abuse of power by the Bureau of Land Management over the farmer in Nevada.

Franken, who has prided himself in calling for the ban of “assault weapons” on our streets, stood by like a drunk as the BLM had almost 200 agents pointing assault weapons at normal citizens and the farmer, whose cattle were grazing on federal land (our land).

This letter to the editor was published by the Mesabi Daily New, which is headquartered in Virginia, MN, otherwise known as the heart of the Iron Range. If a Democrat running for statewide office underperforms there, that Democrat politician's goose is pretty much cooked.

The letter continues:

It is reported that the federal government killed many of the farmer’s cattle, some having as many as seven bullets in them. The cattle didn’t have assault weapons, Franken. What was there to fear from them? Instead, good patriot citizens, in support of the farmer Bundy, armed themselves with the identical rifles that the Feds had. Suddenly, the Feds, realizing that if they start shooting at the lawful citizens, by gosh, the citizens might shoot back and many of them (the Feds) will be dead too. The Feds knuckled under and retreated.

Franken, that is the way it is supposed to be. When the colonists dumped the tea into the Boston Harbor, they sent a message to King George of England that they weren’t going to be abused by King George’s government. When the Bill of Rights were drawn up, the Second Amendment was included so that colonists would be assured they would have firearms equal to that King George and his troops had. This was to assure freedom and sovereignty.

It's pretty safe to say that the Second Amendment is a vital issue with this voter. In fact, it's quite possible it's the only issue that's important to him. If that's true, then Sen. Franken can pretty much write off this voter this November.

The average person reading this letter might easily think that it was written by a gun-craving Republican nutjob. That's understandable but they'd be wrong:

Franken, I’ve had just about enough of you. (Former state Rep.) Tommy Rukavina told me we have to take back our party and I fully agree. The first step in that process is to get rid of bad Democrats and elect Republicans until the bad Democrats see the light and become good Democrats.

The thing most apolitical people don't understand about about Range Democrats is that they're big believers in the Second Amendment. The vast majority of the time, they're just as fanatical about the Second Amendment as Republicans.

Franken, you are anti-gun, you are against copper-nickel mining, you are pro-Sierra Club (the mortal enemy of working families in rural America), you are anti-coal fired power plants that provide the lowest cost electricity to our homes, farms and jobs, you are against the Keystone Pipeline, which offers the possibility of lower heating fuel, gasoline and diesel prices, and you are pro-abortion. Just exactly what kind of double talk are you going to provide the poor, working poor and the retirees in our area who don’t agree with your deeds that continue to hurt us?

It isn't likely that many Democrats have written more blistering letters to the editor about Sen. Franken. That said, perhaps this letter signifies a tipping point for Iron Range liberals. If this is a tipping point, the point at which liberals say 'Enough's enough', then Sen. Franken is in trouble.

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