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Frankel faces three Republican opponents for District 22

U.S. House of Representative Lois Frankel is facing opposition to stay in Florida's District 22 seat with three Republicans vying for the job. Should all three Republicans make it through the qualification process in June, they will meet up during Florida's primary election on August 16, 2014. The Republicans are David Wagie, Jeremy Rodgers and Andrea McGee. Rodgers is taking his message right to President Obama with this Tweet on Tuesday, January 7, 2014, "...Long term unemployment hurts the workers and economy @BarackObama".

Frankel runs the risk that Americans are fed up with Congress and are looking to replace just about every Congressional seat with new comers in 2014. A recent survey found only 13 percent of Americans approve of the way Congress is doing business.

Wagie seems to be the most conservative of the 3 while Rodgers and McGee have a libertarian streak which would appeal to more voters should either make it through the primary. It will be an interesting primary race as conservative Republicans will be hit with the reality that even though they may want Wagie to take the primary, will he have the broad appeal of District 22 which has elected liberal Frankel in the last two elections.

At least with either Rodgers or McGee the GOP could engage voters not happy with Frankel who are seeking to vote for a fiscally conservative and socially tolerant candidate. McGee and Rodgers' policy positions seem to strike a balance between the liberals and conservatives which could be an excellent strategy the GOP could use to regain the seat after it was lost in redistricting.

Wagie is a construction contractor and file his paperwork in December, 2013. Rodgers also filed his paperwork in December, 2013 and is a tech expert holding patents regarding cyber security. McGee filed in August, 2013 and is an artist as well as a filmmaker.

It could be that others join the District 22 race, either more Republicans, Democrats, those with no party affiliation and is is rumored there could be a Libertarian Party and/or Green Party candidate announcing and qualifying in June.

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