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Frank Zafiro novel and short stories appear in new Thrilling Thirteen collection

Local author Frank Zafiro is one of 11 authors featured in the new collection 'Thrilling Thirteen.'
Local author Frank Zafiro is one of 11 authors featured in the new collection 'Thrilling Thirteen.'

On Tuesday, April 29, local crime fiction author Frank Zafiro announced on his website that "Thrilling Thirteen", an anthology of self-published works that includes his novel "The Last Horseman" and his short story collection "In the Shadow of El Paso" along with 11 other selections, has officially been released in popular ebook formats for the Amazon Kindle, the Barnes and Noble NOOK and Kobo ereaders. The ebook collection retails in all formats for only $.99, which represents significant savings during the limited time it will be available.

According to Zafiro, "I’m proud to announce that I’m part of the 99 cent box set of thriller novels, Thrilling Thirteen!

"Thrilling Thirteen includes 10 thrilling novels, two page-flipping novellas and an action-packed short story collection from the minds of bestselling and award winning authors."

In addition to the two works by Zafiro, "Thrilling Thirteen" includes selections from Dani Amore, Toni Dwiggins, Traci Hohenstein, Ty Hutchinson, Ethan Jones, Lawrence Kelter, Debbi Mack, M.P. McDonald, Gary Ponzo, and Zoe Sharp. The collection features spy thrillers, mysteries and suspense stories that should appeal to a wide range of readers.

Zafiro's works that are included help demonstrate the diversity of the content in the collection. "The Last Horseman" is a suspense thriller set in Spokane about a hit man who is being forced to take one last job before he retires. "In the Shadow of El Paso" is a collection of two short stories about a sheriff's deputy living in a small town in Texas and what happens after he discovers some of his community's darker secrets. "The Last Horseman" is sort of in the same vein as thrillers by Robert Ludlum and F. Paul Wilson. "In the Shadow of El Paso" is essentially a modern-day western that deals with themes of love, corruption and class struggles among many other things.

In an email interview, Zafiro said "Thrilling Thirteen" was assembled by Hutchinson. Hutchinson edited it in addition to including his suspense novel "Russian Hill.". Zafiro then went on to describe how his books came to be included in the collection.

According to Zafiro, "I was invited by Debbi Mack, who was already a participant. Then I contacted Ty Hutchinson, the lead author/editor, and 'applied.' They actually had a full slate when I contacted him but someone had to drop out and so I was invited in as a call up replacement."

Zafiro added that he was already familiar with books by Mack and Ponzo. He said the works by the other participants "will be a pleasant surprise."

A website dedicated to "Thrilling Thirteen" went live on Tuesday, April 29. It includes information about all of the participating authors and links to their personal sites, teasers for each work that is in the collection, and a contact page that promises to eventually share news and updates about the anthology. Zafiro said that in addition to using the website, the authors will be spreading the word about the anthology on other sites.

"As a group, we're promoting on a number of the promotion sites, so it should pop up in various places for people to see," Zafiro said. "Also, I may be running a promo with Bookbub for [my novel] 'At Their Own Game' in May some time so the two should help each other."

Buying all the books and novellas individually from Amazon in the Kindle format would cost about $17.93, so the $.99 price represents huge savings. For about what one of the more affordable titles in the collection such as "Arctic Wargame" by Jones or Ponzo's "A Touch of Deceit" costs, readers get 13 stories. The Kindle edition of "The Last Horseman" usually retails for $4.99, so book lovers from the Lilac City who haven't read it yet may consider buying "Thrilling Thirteen" as an affordable way of getting a copy.

The $.99 price for "Thrilling Thirteen" is intended to raise awareness of other books and short stories by the participating authors. On his website, Zafiro discussed why the price of the collection was set so low.

According to Zafiro, "Sound crazy? It is. And while crazy lasts forever in some people, it won’t with this box set. It will be available for a limited time, so get your copy while it is is still available. And if any of these novels happen to lead you to other works by these same authors (like me!)…well, maybe that’s not so crazy."

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