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Frank Zafiro announces March Craziness book sale

Spokane-area author Frank Zafiro is making his books available for free or at reduced prices in March and April.
Spokane-area author Frank Zafiro is making his books available for free or at reduced prices in March and April.
Gray Dog Press

On Friday, February 28, Spokane-area author Frank Zafiro announced on his website that his March Craziness promotion would begin on Saturday, March 1 with a week-long sale on Amazon ebook editions of his sports novel "All That Counts." Over the next several weeks, Zafiro will be making other books available either for free or at discounted prices.

As part of March Craziness, "All That Counts" is on sale until March 7.
Gray Dog Press,

Zafiro said he is calling the event March Craziness because "'March Madness' is already taken by some kind of basketball tournament or something."

On his website, he explained how the promotion will work.

According to Zafiro, "... for all of March and even some of April, at least one of my books is going to be available on Amazon for free or on sale. I’ll announce the each title a day or so before it’s turn. This is a chance to get a lot of material for a fraction of the regular price…or free! So if you haven’t tried any Zafiro (and [Jim] Wilsky) books yet, March Craziness is the time."

Based on this statement, one or more of the books in the trilogy he co-wrote with Jim Wilsky ("Blood on Blood", "Queen of Diamonds" and "Closing the Circle") may be included as part of the March Craziness event. The books, which recently became available in an Amazon Kindle omnibus edition that collects the whole series called "Ania: a Trlogy", are linked together by a mysterious femme fatale named Ania Kozak who systematically ruins the lives of several men in the pursuit of wealth and freedom.

According to the product description of the new collection on Amazon, "These novels are told in a dual first person narrative in alternating chapters. Each novel features a different pair of protagonists. The constant throughout all three books? The title gives it away. It is Ania. Sexy, mysterious Ania, the grifter that many men will try to either possess...or stop."

What is confirmed at this time is that Zafiro's hockey novel "All That Counts", which was published by the Spokane-based Gray Dog Press under his real name Frank Scalise will be on sale for several days.

According to Zafiro, "It all starts [March 1] when 'All That Counts' goes on sale, starting at 99 cents. The price will slowly rise in increments of $1 until March 7. But the next deal will start on March 5, so be ready."

"All That Counts" is a heart-warming story about an amateur hockey player from Spokane named Graham Wilson and the lessons he learns about life and love as he switches positions and learns to be a goaltender. The book features inspirational quotes from famous hockey players, excellent play-by-play descriptions of games involving players at several skill levels and wry humor that captures some of the flavor of playing on a recreation league team.

The book also focuses on what Graham and his wife learn from a cancer scare and what Graham learns from a new friend who becomes a mentor as he works to become a better goalie. The novel is an uplifting story that should appeal strongly both to fans of the sport and people who have never even tried on skates before.

The discounted book is available right now at Amazon.

Zafiro is active both on Facebook and Twitter. Following his Twitter feed would be a good way to find out about the March Craziness promotions as they happen.

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