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Frank Zafiro and Jim Wilsky give Valentine gift to crime fiction fans

The third book in Jim Wilsky and Frank Zafiro's crime fiction series should be a lot of fun for fans of their earlier novel "Blood on Blood."
The third book in Jim Wilsky and Frank Zafiro's crime fiction series should be a lot of fun for fans of their earlier novel "Blood on Blood."

On his primary blog, Spokane-area crime fiction master Frank Zafiro recently told his readers that "Closing the Circle", his third book co-written with Jim Wilsky, will be available on February 14, 2014.

"Closing the Circle" continues the saga of a beautiful female con artist named Ania who previously appeared in their novels "Blood on Blood" and "Queen of Diamonds." In the first book, Ania matched her wits against two half-brothers who were hoping to strike it rich by finding diamonds their father had stolen years earlier. In the sequel, Ania went to Las Vegas and used her feminine wiles to manipulate two professional poker players. Based on Ania's history with men, the release date will have a special meaning for fans of the series.

"Hopefully, readers of 'Blood on Blood' or 'Queen of Diamonds' will appreciate the irony of releasing this third installment on Valentine’s Day," Zafiro said. "Certainly, you will after reading 'Closing the Circle'."

Zafiro gave a synopsis of the book in his blog update. Much like the other books in the trilogy, the new novel features two protagonists who appear in alternating chapters told from each character's perspective. Wilsky and Zafiro returned to Chicago, the setting of "Blood on Blood" for the latest volume in the series. Their new book builds on what happened at the end of the first novel.

According to Zafiro, "John Pearse is a loss recovery agent for an insurance agency. When a set of crown jewels that his company paid out on resurface in the middle of a Russian/Polish mafia war in Chicago, Pearse is sent in to find and recover the diamonds. Standing in his ways are gangsters, grifters, and cops, but the biggest obstacle will be the sexy Ania, who has managed to stay one step of everyone else…until now.

"Andros Krol is muscle for the Polish mafia in Chicago, tasked by his boss to bring back more than just the diamonds. Strong and cunning, Krol is after the money Ania took, but his biggest priority is to bring Ania back to Chicago for a reckoning…dead or alive.

"Pearse and Krol are locked into a race against time and each other as they pursue the wily Ania. The circle is closing on all of them."

Crime fiction lovers in the greater Spokane area who enjoyed "Blood on Blood" can look forward to buying the book either in paperback or in an Amazon Kindle edition. Zafiro said they are also planning to eventually release "Closing the Circle" as an audiobook that will be available from Audible, Amazon, and iTunes.

People who want to try before they buy, or who simply can't wait until Valentine's Day may download the first 50 pages of the new book from Zafiro's web site for free by following a link he posted.

Update: "Closing the Circle" is now available from Amazon in both Kindle and paperback editions. As a special Valentine's Day promotion, the price of the Kindle edition was reduced to $.99. The print edition was discounted for one day as well.

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