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Frank Sinatra license sold: Piece of memorabilia sold for $15k at auction

A Frank Sinatra license has sold at auction, and someone paid a nice sum for the right to own the item. This piece of memorabilia was bought at auction for $15,757. News of the item being up for sale was reported first earlier this week. The opening bid for the item was $500, and by the end of Tuesday, the bids had already reached $2,500. By the time the auction closed, the amount of $15,000 had been reached. Fox News reported on the sale of this item on June 27.

This license was Sinatra's first driver's license, and it was issued to him back in 1934. He was 19 years old at the time, and that means the license was issued to the man a year before he made his big break. The license has his address at the time, and his weight was listed at 130 pounds. The eye color is his listed as his trademark blue, but one typo is present on the license. His name was listed as Frank Sintra. The license was never changed apparently. The license expired at the end of the year, and back then licenses were text only.

The letter was put up for auction by RR Auction out of Boston. They said the following about the item and Sinatra, according to The Inquisitr:

"[Sinatra is] a name that conjures up respect in the minds of admirers of both music and movies. As a capable actor, Sinatra walked away with an Academy Award in 1953 for his supporting role in From Here to Eternity. As a vocalist he has earned the adoration of millions of fans and become one of the most well-loved entertainers of this century."

The identity of the person that purchased the item was not revealed. The person not only received the license, but a second item was also a part of the auction lot. That item was a letter from 1940 that was sent to Commissioner of Motor Vehicles. Sinatra had been involved in a car crash with another man, and the man sent the letter asking that the singer's driving privileges be revoked until he paid for the damages to his car.

This is not the only item connected to Sinatra that has sold big at auction. Back in 1995, an auction at Christie's had a large collection of items from the singer. A car belonging to the singer sold for $79,500. Sinatra began his career in 1935 when his mother convinced The Three Flashes to let her son join their band. They then became the Hoboken Four, and they won a musical competition. Their win earned the group a six month contract to perform across the United States. From there, 'Old Blue Eyes' managed to make fans around the world with his voice.

Sinatra died of a heart attack back in 1998. This auction shows that he still has loyal fans that are willing to pay big bucks to own a small piece of the singer in their collection. What do you think? Is $15,000 too much for an old yellowed piece of paper? Would you pay that much for such an item? Learn more about the singer by watching the video above.

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