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Frank Roquemore rocks out at The Daily Grind Café

Frank Roquemore rocks out at The Daily Grind Café.
Frank Roquemore rocks out at The Daily Grind Café.
Riki Takaoka

PUEBLO, Colo.—Frank Roquemore provided a two-hour recital at The Daily Grind Café, on April 11. He provided vocals and strummed the guitar.

Frank Roquemore rocks out at The Daily Grind Café.
Sareth Ney

Before beginning Roquemore’s recital with Johnny Swim’s “Home”, he mentioned he would have a tip jar out. He asked everyone in attendance if they had in any requests and advised the audience he did not have a wide selection to choose from. He said if it helped, pick a mood song and have it set the tone for the evening’s show.

After readjusting Roquemore’s seating—he played an original song, “What I’m Thinking”. As he was telling the story behind it, he tuned his guitar and stated how a musician should never tune their guitar in front of an audience. He cited what inspired the song was for someone to be their own person, how other people ideas should not have a strong hold onto what they wanted to be and no matter where someone moves to—they are told how to live a certain way.

Prior to “East Evans”, Roquemore stated the song was inspired by him moving out of his parent’s house. He said it lasted eight months, moved back home when the restaurant he worked at had closed and remembered seeing his bills piling up. After the song ended, he reminisced about the loft he had resided in with his two roommates and having to sleep on the floor. He mentioned there were mirrors on his ceiling and how “cool and creepy” it was. He went onto say he planned on moving out, next month.

Roquemore joked and requested a moment of silence for his tip jar, before closing with Johnny Swim’s “Hallelujah”. He said when they close his eyes; he hopes to see more money in there and said “Abracadabra”. The trick worked, as patrons walked over and placed more money in his tip jar. Afterwards, he declared he would be playing at a restaurant the following day.

Dave Barnes’ “All That Noise”, Harry Connick, Jr.’s “Come By Me”, Belinda Carlisle’s “That Wasn’t Me”, Aloe Blacc’s “Wake Me Up”, Johnny Swim’s “Annie”, Allen Stone’s “Unaware”, Noah Gundersen’s “Poor Man’s Son”, Foy Vance’s “Be With Me”, John Mayer’s “Slow Dancing In A Burning Room” and “Something Like Olivia”, Frank Sinatra’s “Fly Me To The Moon”, “20”, George Gershwin’s “I Got Rhythm” and Johnny Swim’s “Heart Beats” were also a part of Frank Roquemore’s set.