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Frank Gaffney: Legal immigration "dooms our constitutional republic"

Frank Gaffney
Frank Gaffney
David Horowitz

During the February 12th, 2014 broadcast of his Secure Freedom Radio program, Frank Gaffney invited Phyllis Schlafly to discuss her laughable Eagle Forum report in which she asserts that Republicans should oppose immigration reform because immigrants will always vote Democratic.

Likely Schlafly, Gaffney evidently shares, not only in her extreme xenophobia, but also in the opinion that it should be considered a criminal offense to vote for Democrats.

After Schlafly repeated her usual ramblings about how people from other countries don't "understand the concept of limited government" and that expanding legal immigration would be "suicide for the conservative movement and the Republican party," Gaffney took the psychotic mantra a step further.

According to Gaffney, if immigration reform does pass, it will not only doom the Republican party, but the entire American republic as a whole.

"I want to commend you again and urge everyone to check out at 'How Mass Legal Immigration Dooms a Conservative Republican Party,'" said Gaffney, "and I would argue – and I think you would too, Phyllis Schlafly, dooms our constitutional republic that that party has historically been there to serve and advance."

On both accounts, Gaffney is full of bull.

As has already been stated countless times on this column, the predominant reason immigrants tend to lean towards the Democrats is because the Republicans have enshrined a thinly disguised white nationalist mantra that encourages immigrants – Hispanics especially – to be treated as subhuman and unworthy of their notice.

Why would anyone vote for a party that insists on treating them as the enemy in advance?

More importantly, no political party is the party of the Constitution. The Founding Fathers, in fact, were notoriously opposed to the very idea of political parties.

And if there were such a party, it wouldn't be the one with an extensive history of only giving a crap about the 2nd and 10th amendments while ignoring all the rest.

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