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Frank Albo, Canada's Dan Brown, reveals mysticism in architecture and language

Love is the Key, June 20-24, 2012, Manitoba
Love is the Key, June 20-24, 2012, Manitoba
The Hearts Center

From June 20 -24, The Hearts Center will be holding it's annual summer conference in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada at St. Benedict's Retreat Center. The Hearts Center Community is dedicated to realizing personal and planetary enlightenment through oneness with universal beingness or the Higher Self. David Christopher Lewis, spiritual director of The Hearts Center, will be giving messages from ascended masters, who are the saints, teachers and adepts of East and West from all religions and cultures now residing in higher dimensions. Topics include a welcome to the heart chakra of our Earth (an etheric retreat of love above Winnipeg), a solstice message for North Americans, and secrets for living a balanced spiritual life.

A highlight of the Winnipeg conference will be a lecture on Friday evening, June 22, at 6:00 p.m. by Frank Albo. Frank is a Cambridge architectural historian and an expert on Freemasonry and the Western mystery tradition. Frank will give a 3-hour presentation on two fascinating topics: Utopian Architecture and Magical Gardens, and Kabbalah—Linguistic Mysticism. His lectures will be open to the public for a nominal donation.
Frank’s groundbreaking discoveries on esoteric symbolism encoded in prominent government monuments, churches, and gardens have been featured in numerous articles, radio, and television programs, as well as in his best-selling book, The Hermetic Code (2007). In an exhilarating blend of scholarly intrigue and Indiana Jones-style discovery, Frank peels back conventional history and brings to life forbidden knowledge and mystical architecture hidden all around us. Signed copies of his book will be available and there will be opportunities to ask Frank questions during his lecture.

Attendees are invited to a special tour on Friday afternoon of the Manitoba Legislative Building constructed according to the sacred geometry proportions outlined in the Bible for King Solomon's temple. Frank will reveal what else has been done to make this edifice the foremost temple in the world dedicated to Hermes Trismegistus.

It has been a secret since the city’s inception, 92 years ago. Only when Frank Albo, now called "Canada's Dan Brown," discovered why this architectural jewel displays sphinxes on its roof, bison protecting the Grand Staircase, the Holy of Holies with its Ark of the Covenant, the Kabbalah tree of life, and the Golden Boy statue on top of the dome, was the significance of the Manitoba Legislative Building exposed.

This Legislative Building is Canada’s most unique architectural landmark. Frank’s step-by-step guidance will reveal a trail of occult clues concealed in the building’s architecture, including hidden hieroglyphic inscriptions, numerological codes, and Freemasonic symbols so intelligently masked they have escaped historians and visitors for nearly a hundred years.

To register and learn about more gems held in store during this amazing and spirited conference, Love is the Key to Aquarian Freedom—a Festival of Light in Winnipeg, presented by The Hearts Center at St Benedict’s Retreat Centre in Winnipeg, Canada, visit the website at The Hearts Center.


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