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Francis House Center

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Francis House Center provides numerous services to indigent persons in the Sacramento area. A large portion of the consumer population of Francis House Center are homeless; However, the homeless are not the only population that Francis House Center serves.

The mission of Francis House Center is to, "serve those suffering from homelessness and poverty." Services include:

-transportation assistance

-counseling(resource)/coaching(personal development)

-child care

-holiday specific help

-DMV fee reduction assistance

-internship for social work and human service majors

-motel vouchers via the "Family Rescue Program"

-job/career development

-hygiene products

-winter items

-eye glasses

-backpacks during back-to-school season and so much more

If there is a service you or someone else is seeking, do not hesitate to contact Francis House Center. The center has a laundry list of resources that you or anyone in need may not have knowledge of and Francis House Center is always eager to help.

Francis House Center is located at: 1422 C Street in Sacramento, CA

phone: (916)-443-2646