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Francine Rivers re-releases an old favorite, new book is still in progress


Cover photo from TyndaleIf you haven’t read at least one Francine Rivers novel, you’re missing out on one of Christian Fiction’s most gifted authors. While Francine is busily working on her next book, much of her existing work is being re-released with new introductions, updated covers and extra material.
The Lineage of Grace series is Francine’s exploration of the lives of five women in the lineage of Jesus, Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, Bathsheba and Mary. Each of the books focuses on one these women and the unusual, if not scandalous events surrounding their lives. The series has been compiled before into a single volume, however in October an updated edition will hit the shelves.
Tamar is an innocent girl slighted by one of the sons of Jacob and forced to take drastic steps to gain what is rightfully hers.
Rahab is a prostitute who renders aid to Israelite spies and buys the safety of herself and her family.
Ruth is a foreigner who leaves everything to follow her Israelite mother-in-law on her journey home.
Bathsheba is a girl enamored with King David but when she commits a sin punishable by death she learns a hard lesson in mercy.
Finally, Mary is an unremarkable Israelite girl chosen to give birth to the Son of God.
Each woman’s story is a powerful retelling of the scriptural account. This series is an excellent way to gain insight into the lives of these five women often overlooked in the genealogy found in the New Testament.
For those of you who have read just about everything Francine has written, rest assured a new book is on the way. Francine herself says she is working on major revisions that she hasn’t had this much difficulty writing a book since Redeeming Love, her first book for the Christian market.
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