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Franchise association supports US veterans

Today is Veteran's Day; a day dedicated to honoring the men and women who sacrificed their safety to provide safety for all Americans. Many types of celebrations are planned for today and the remainder of this week to honor our veterans, including parades, luncheons and  awards ceremonies. The International Franchise Association (IFA) has continued its support of veterans by increased development and promotion of its program to assist honorably discharged military personnel in transitioning from military life to civilian life as small business owners through franchised ventures.

The program, officially titled as The Veterans Transition Franchise Initiative, or VetFran, provides discounts and other financial incentives to military veterans interested in becoming business owners. The IFA has been in operation for close to 50 years and is considered to be the largest membership organization in the world promoting franchising. Currently, there are over 400 IFA franchise member companies that participate in the VetFran program with business offerings in various industries from food service to finance to personal service opportunities. 

Veterans are considered highly desirable candidates for franchise ownership, largely because of their training and experience which tends to create highly disciplined, motivated individuals able to lead others within a structured environment. Franchises are popular with veterans, as well as other first time business owners because they offer brand name exposure and a structured business model with training and support already in place. Over 1,000 franchises have reportedly been purchased by veterans through the VetFran program.

Let's continue to honor our veterans today and support them in entrepreneurial endeavors.  

To learn more about franchising and the VetFran program, visit the VetFran directory site.