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Francesco Quinn son of Anthony Quinn dies suddenly at age 48 in Malibu

Francesco Quinn and his wife Valentina
Francesco Quinn and his wife Valentina
FOX - 24

Friday Francesco Quinn was reported playing with his son outside his Malibu home when he had a sudden heart attack. His wife and neighbors including a Malibu Patch writer (Tim Lawrence) rushed to try to revive him. Lawrence said they felt they were making progress but were not successful. The Malibu paramedics were there within five minutes but he was announced dead after arriving at the local hospital.

Francesco Quinn and his wife Valentina
Facebook Legacy Page

"There was a moment where we thought that we were making progress, that we started to sense that this could work," Lawrence said. "We were working feverishly at it. But at a certain point it turned, and there was no response."

You'll remember Quinn as Syed Ali from season 2 of "24" where he played the uber terrorist guy who was engaged to Reza. He appared in five of the 24 hours in 2003. The short synopsis below will refresh your memory about his character.

Syed Ali is tracked to a nearby mosque and Jack enlists Kate's help to identify him by going undercover. Palmer goes to extreme lengths to uncover Stanton's hidden information. Kim's day hits a low point when she encounters a predator in the woods and gets caught in a hunter's trap. After the prayers are finished CTU wait as the worshipers leave the mosque by Syed is nowhere to be seen. Jack leads the TAC teams only to find someone burnt alive believed to be Ali.. Source: Wikipedia

Quinn was born March 22, 1963 in Rome Italy and caught the acting bug early on and landed his first major acting role in 1986 in "Platoon". He shared the screen three times with his legendary actor father Anthony Quinn in "The Old Man and the Sea", A Star for Two (1993), and Stradiviri (1988).

Franchesco Quinn has an interesting tie in to the Bellisario produced TV shows having been a recurring character on "JAG" and a guest star on two episodes of "NCIS", he is also Lauren Holly's X brother-in-law.

Most recently Quinn had landed a recurring guest roll on "Glades" as Eduardo Garcia and is in post production on 2011 Roma nuda in the role of Bernard Jovanni and in pre-production in Buttermilk Sky as Rafael. This well known actors other TV credits included roles in "The Shield," "Criminal Minds," "E.R.," "Crossing Jordan," "C.S.I. Miami," "Alias," "Miami Vice" and as Tomas del Cerro in "Young and the Restless" soap.

He is survived by his wife Valentina Castellani-Quinn, and his three children. Sofia, Michela and Max," Valentina told the Malibu Patch. "I will love him forever."

You can learn more about Quinn on his Legacy Facebook page where he left this message to the world.

I was born into a profession in which my love of words, chosen with care for their meaning and nuance, was extremely important, not only to me, but also to the people with whom I worked with.

“What I’d like to pass on to my children is the thirst for knowledge. It’s something I experience every day that I learned from my father, He always taught me that no matter how long you’ve done something, you can always learn something new and be better at what you do. That thirst and that desire is something I’d like to pass on to all those whom I can have an influence.”

I learned from an early age that my heritage, my love for people, and my desire to be a vehicle that can be used through my voice, that my expressions and actions can transport a person to experience a scene from the past, present and future.

My hope and desire is to continue to let myself be clearly known, and to continue to bring My Legacy to you through my Life my family and my actions.

R.I.P. Mr. Quinn


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