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France's best golfing destinations

Many travelers visit golf courses in France
Many travelers visit golf courses in France
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Mesmerizing scenery and wonderful cuisine make France a top getaway destination for essentially any golf fan. The country offers an unparalleled variety of uncrowded, beautifully-landscaped courses for the novice golfer to the experienced professional. It also boasts some of the highest rated courses in all of Europe. Those who are interested in playing golf in France will find that an unforgettable experience awaits.

Travelers have a broad range of options from which to choose when organizing a golf getaway in France. The temperature in the country makes virtually any area suitable for the game, and over the past several years a few hundred new courses have been built. For this reason, the perfect fairway can be found to match essentially any lifestyle or budget. Regions that are regarded as some of the best areas in which to play include the following:

The North Country and Loire Valley

In the north of France, the cities of Hardelot and Le Touquet have become increasing popular among many golfing fans. Les Pins and Les Dunes are located within the city limits, while two more courses: La Mer and La Forêt are situated a few miles outside the cities. A little further south one will find the Belle Dune course, which is a favorite among many local residents. Late afternoon is the best time to ensure a round is available, with the busiest time in this region being early morning. There are two additional course in the area that are less crowded, if a little less grand, and these are Wimereux and Nampont St. Martin. The latter should definitely not be overlooked by those planning to golf in France.

One should also consider the Loire Valley, where the infamous Les Bordes fairway is found. Situated thirty kilometers southwest of Orleans, this course is conveniently located, but it can be difficult to book a round during peak season without advance reservations. In addition, it is a bit expensive, and therefore one should consider an all-inclusive package when planning to golf in France in the Loire Valley region.

Sologne-A Hidden Jewel

Sologne is a area best known for its great fishing and hunting. However, over the past few decades it has also become a terrific destination for golfers. The atmosphere of the region is restful and relaxing, and therefore perfect for those who do not want to be hurried along as they make their way through the course. Those who enjoy a great dining experience will also want to consider Sologne when planning to golf in France, as the area is also known for its fine cuisine. The town is located just south of Orleans, and is easy to navigate in and around.

Golfing in Paris

The Ile de France region is probably one of the most popular areas of the country for golfers and other vacationers. This area is home to the city of Paris, where one can choose from over 50 courses. In contrast to the bustling city, the fairways surrounding Paris are known for their calm, tranquil atmosphere. Because there are so many fairways in the region, much to the surprise of many visitors, they are rarely crowded. Therefore, they are perfect for those who want to escape the fast pace of the city during the day, but return to it at night for an evening of dining and dancing. This area is also ideal for those traveling with non-golfers, as the latter can sight see and explore Paris, while those in the party who golf can enjoy a day on the greens. Some of the best fairways in the Paris area include Fountainbleau and Chantilly Vineuil.

Those searching for an exceptionally beautiful course on which to relax and enjoy the game may wish to consider the Evian Masters golf course. Widely regarded as one of the country's most unique and scenic fairways, this course is absolutely stunning. The varying terrain of eastern France, which is bordered by the Alps, provides the perfect backdrop for those who are interested in a course that is both challenging and visually appealing. Spring is one of the most popular seasons among those visiting France to enjoy the aforementioned game. However, savvy consumers who plan their trip in advance can avoid being shut out. Whichever course one selects, golfing in France is an enjoyable and relaxing choice of activities.