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France Real Estate - Hotspots

France real estate - hotspots
France real estate - hotspots

France has always had a special attraction, with its chic atmosphere, history and beautiful art. The scenery is also a strong point, with castles spread all over its territory, so it's no wonder foreigners decided to invest heavily in 2013. Their main interest was in the Paris region, some looking for good residential areas and some scouting locations for their offices. But there are also other points of interest in France that represent a good selling market in real estate.


Even though it is one of the oldest cities in France, Marseille is a modern city, full of life, up-to-date with the new trends. It is also one of the most renowned touristic destinations from the shores of the Mediterranean, a fame that reflects in the real estate prices. Here you will find the most expensive vacation homes in France.

Even though the number of properties offered is very high, in the summer months, the market is overwhelmed with requests from tourists and some apartments need to be reserved years ahead. This being the case, owners don't negotiate the rental price and bargains are very hard to find. According to Numbeo Cost of Living, the average value of rents is:

• apartment with one bedroom - central area: €550/month; semi central: €475/month;
• apartment with three bedrooms - central area": €1.200/sm; semi central: €875/month.

The rental price explodes during the summer, going as high us four times the normal price.

Generally speaking, the real estate market in Marseille is only taken by the one in Paris. The most expensive properties in Marseille are found in the Le Panier and Vieux-Port areas.

There are two types of properties in Marseille: houses owned through generations of families that work in the city and the ones traded often, bought by either investors or by newcomers. The villas, with generous spac near the sea, are rarely sold and they can cost millions of euros.

According to Numbeo Cost of Living, the average prices of apartments for sale are:
• central apartment - €3.450/sm;
• semi central apartment - €2.700/sm.


An important commercial, banking and industrial area, Lyon is an extremely attractive city. Although it is internationally famous due to its outstanding traditional cuisine, it has other attractions as well. Besides the buildings in a Renaissance style or buildings with classic French architecture, Lyon has a famous university complex, numerous shopping options and a dynamic night life. The offer of seasonal apartments is rich in Lyon, and many come with a spectacular view. Studios and apartments with one or two bedrooms, fully furnished, very luxurious that have different services included in the price that cost, of course double than the ones without extra services.

According to Numbeo Cost of Living, the average value of rents is:
• one bedroom apartment - central area: €520/month; semi central area: €520/month;
• three bedroom apartment - central area: €1.100/month; semi central area: €970/month.

Usually, the seasonal apartments' prices are set per night, but the client might spend weeks or even months there, thus, some getting substantial reductions and some of these residences may benefit from common areas, like a pool or a gym.

Lyon hasn't been that affected by the real estate market's collapse, thanks to a stable market that has been a favourite of companies. Lyon is among the top 10 positions of the most attractive urban areas in West Europe for real estate investors and it is also in the top list as the most interesting European cities.

According to Numbeo Cost of Living, the average prices of apartments are:
• central apartment: €3.250/sm;
• semi central apartment: €2.500/sm.

Author Bio: Mark Smith’s understanding of excellent client’s services stems from his wonderful real estate background. He understands the need for distinctive real estate representation. Mark Smith is recognized real estate consultant, speaker. In his spare time, he writes informative articles for and many other websites which include various topics such as investment, mortgage, buying and selling.

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