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France in L.A.

My new sweater from L'ecole de Femmes

Bonjour! Yesterday I decided I wanted to go to Paris. You could say my love for Paris and/or all things French extends beyond the highest heights. Some of my favorite things in LIFE happen to be of French descent: CHEESE... Brie to be specific, wine, and French fashion. So I got together my best French school-girl-looking outfit, which happens to be really easy if you know me at all, and frapper la ville (hit the town)!

If you're wanting to experience a little French culture in Los Angeles, here are some of my favorite things to do...

1. Brunch at Little Next Door, one of my favorite spots in all of L.A.
2. Shopping for little French outfits at the ONLY place to shop for little French outfits L'ecole des Femmes - which lucky for you is also available online.
3. Cheese shopping a.k.a Heaven. I went to the Cheese Store of Beverly Hills for their nice selection of the stinkiest fromage. It's disturbing how much was consumed this day but when in France, I do as the French do.
4. Monsieur Marcel for macarons and other delicious desserts. They have a fantastic happy hour that includes cheese boards and wine from 3pm-7pm.
5. Comme Ca on Melrose is BOMB if you are in the West Hollywood area for dinner, or Bottega Louie is always a sure thing if you happen to wander downtown.

To finish my French inspired day in Los Angeles, I returned home with my desserts and French wine and popped in my favorite French flick, Amelie. Oui Oui!

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