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France's Black Widow: 53 y/o woman accused of killing husband, poisoning exes

Wikimedia Commons

The France Black Widow case is gaining attention nationwide as Manuela Gonzalez, 53, (known as the "black widow") has yet again denied murdering her husband, Daniel Cano, 58. On April 14, Yahoo! News reported that Gonzalez says that she is innocent and that the evidence in court will prove that. Her track record, however, suggests something different.

Cano's body was found charred in his car near the home he shared with his wife. Police believe that the fire was started intentionally -- thus Cano's death was not an accident. According to the medical examiner, a large amount of sleeping pills were present in Cano's system at the time of his death. It appears as though he might have been drugged and then left to die in a car set on fire (perhaps by his wife).

The France Black Widow didn't earn her nickname just because of this incident. According to the report, Manuela Gonzalez's previous relationships ended strangely. Two of her ex-boyfriends were both killed and two others "narrowly escaped death." All four had been poisoned.

Gonzalez's track record might be incriminating but she's never actually been convicted of anything. The defense believes that her previous relationships (and how they ended) will be enough to send her to jail. Even still, she denies all of it. Despite the pattern that seems clear as day to many people, Gonzalez's attorneys don't believe that their clients previous relationships should be factored in.

You see, France's Black Widow has never been convicted of having anything to do with the poisoning of her four exes. If she killed her fifth partner, that would technically be a "first." The defense is relying heavily on this and hope that Friday's verdict is in their favor.

According to NewsMax, people have become obsessed with the black widow character. The truth, he suggests, might not even matter. Do you think Manuela Gonzalez will be convicted of murder? They don't call her "black widow" for nothing...

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