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Framing Hanley interview: Frontman Nixon talks ‘Sum of Who We Are’

Nashville hard rocker outfit, Framing Hanley has emerged from a four-year roller coaster ride with their most impressive album to date, “The Sum of Who We Are“. This month frontman Kenneth Nixon took time out from the road to bring The Examiner up-to-date on the road to the new record.

Framing Hanley
Imagen Records

After leaving their record company following the 2010 release of sophomore album, “A Promise to Burn", Framing Hanley was not sure which way the wind would blow for the group. In the end, it was the passion of the fans that pushed the band onward. The group started a Kickstarter campaign to fund its third album, and the fans responded in droves, inciting the band to work harder than ever on “The Sum of Who We Are“. Offers Nixon:

“We tell our fans every night–the only reason we are still here in 2014 is because of them.” Nixon shares in the interview below that there was immense pressure to deliver something worthy of the fans’ unparalleled support. He stated the band kept going back to the drawing board trying to make the album as strong as possible. “It’s a pretty awesome end result.”

After writing countless songs, they reached out to several producers to help give the album a more expansive vibe than previous efforts. They worked with guys like Rick Beato (Shinedown, Rubicon Cross, Nashville Pussy), Brett Hestla (Creed, Dark New Day), Eric Bass (Shinedown, Eve to Adam), and Jasen Rausch (Red, Breaking Benjamin). Despite the mix of hands on the boards, the album has amazing continuity.

The album’s first single is “Criminal” which can be viewed above. Among the many amazing tracks on the album are a duet with Lindsey Stamey of Oh No Fiasco on “Roller Coaster” and Nixon’s personal favorite, “Castaway”. The song is the album’s final track and is in response to the last three years the band has endured and how the support of the fans has kept them determined to move forward. Nixon hails it as a wake up call.

“It was a special thing to know that those people were still out there. That’s what that song is about. As long as they’re out there, and as long as we feel we are still continuing to evolve as a band, and those people are still supporting us, we’ll continue doing this. We’ll go down with the ship.”

Check out the full interview here.

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