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Framily Plan: Sprint introduces new ad campaign, eases on upgrade terms

Sprint is bringing in new terms and new plans.

The "Framily Plan" is no typo, but it is Sprint's way of bringing new things to their customers and prospective customers. CSMonitor reported on Jan. 19, 2014, that Sprint is restoring their customer's ability to upgrade their phones more quickly as they've eased up on the terms they put in place not too long ago.

The Sprint Framily Plan is a revolutionary pricing program that allows consumers to decide who they consider to be their "family." It means that Sprint customers will be able to choose who is in their Framily Plan whether it is friends, family, co-workers, or anyone.

“We recognize that often friends are considered to be as important as family,” said Jeff Hallock, chief marketing officer-Sprint. “What better way to ensure you can stay connected than through the Sprint Framily Plan. It allows you to share wireless savings with the group you care about the most.”

Inviting others into your "framily" will allow everyone to have a lower monthly rate.

Sprint will now replace "One Up" with their "Easy Pay" program. "Easy Pay" will have customers pay full price for an old phone before getting a new one with installment payments. The old phone can then be sold for cash.

"One Up" required 12 monthly payments from Sprint customers before they could get an upgrade. "Easy Pay" does require full payment, but it can be done immediately.

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