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Fragrance of the Month: Olivina and Valentino

Fragrance featured in the story
Fragrance featured in the story
Olivina and Valentino

Each month the beauty examiner is going to feature two fragrances: One for the ladies, one for the guys. Check back monthly for fragrance updates to find the one that best fits your fragrance personality.

With June staring out with a bang, days get longer, shorts get shorter and fragrance gets lighter. Its important to keep fragrance in season. An airy fragrance for both men and women are appropriate for the warmer months.

Like walking through a patch of honeysuckle, Olivina’s Petals in Bloom in Honeysuckle ($13) is an authentic, roller ball fragrance. This simple fragrance is a wonderful compliment to the warmer months. It smells like a fresh bouquet of flowers and is great for a summer night after a day at the beach. The rollerball makes it incredibly easy to pack.

Valentino has the men’s department covered with Valentino Uomo ($75). It is a masculine and sweet fragrance that has a bit of an edge; its perfect for summer. The sweetness is from zesty bergamot. The edge is a hint of spice and coffee. The masculinity is from cedar and musk. It is in a classically shaped bottle, but it is covered in the Valentino studs.