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Fragrance of the Month: Annick Goutal & Baldessarini

Fragrance featured in the story
Fragrance featured in the story
Annick Goutal & Hugo Boss

Each month the beauty examiner is going to feature two fragrances: One for the ladies, one for the guys. Check back monthly for fragrance updates to find the one that best fits your fragrance personality.

In August, it is a sad reality that the end of summer is creeping up. Not to be a pessimist, it is important to make the most of the hot days, which stretch into relaxing night. The fragrances for August evoke that sensibility of the dog days of summer.

From the storied, luxurious and classic Annick Goutal, Un Matin D’Orage ($92) is a green and fresh fragrance. This new fragrance has fresh floral notes of lemon, magnolia and jasmine that are married with intense floral of tuberose and the sweetness of vanilla. Just like the freshness of the air after a summer storm this perfume is like a droplet of rain left on the petal of a delicate flower. It is a wonderful fragrance for now because it is freshly picked. Perfect for during the day, for a summer wedding, or running errands during the weekend, the versatility of the fragrance will prove itself numerous times.

For the fellas Baldessarini Ambre ($56) is a sweet, woodsy cologne. The combination of red apple, whiskey, mandarin, leather, and violet create an unforgettable combination. It is sweet and spicy. It is an approachable men’s cologne that is perfect for everyday wear. Each fruity component is balanced by the woodsy elements. The violet blend with the leather and the other nuances of the fragrance reveal themselves as the cologne interacts with the body’s chemistry.