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Frack Oklahoma

Earthquake activity in Oklahoma
Earthquake activity in Oklahoma

And they certainly did.

Eight earthquakes were recently reported in a thirty hour time span. There are no fault lines in this state.

Correction: there were none until the drilling, deeper and deeper into the earth’s core, progressed.

Shame shame on CBS News. The Internet headline: 8 Quakes in Oklahoma as Fracking Critics Grumble.


By the way American media, the BBC have dumped climate deniers from their broadcasts.

Thank you.

It is time for our television and other outlets to report accurately. The discussion is over and the facts are clear.

To explain what is happening with fracking and other climate phenomenon, America neededs scientists and geologists and environmentalists. Not crackpots.

Really there is no reason for Marco Rubio to present his views on the subject. Translation: I want to run for President and I can’t upset the morons in my party. (As the Mayor of Miami states: Marco Rubio is an idiot. Of course his town is ebbing toward oblivion.)

Andrew Cuomo is a politician and he points to the obvious. His state, New York, previously immune to hurricanes has experienced a dozen or more in the past few years. Not the mention Sandy, the storm that carried away part of NYC.

(I told you not to mention it.)

Because Chris Christie did not. Refer to climate change as the shoreline and other parts of New Jersey battled this hurricane. He was too busy playing around with federal money. And again, his eyes were ( and amazingly continue to gaze) on the Presidency so don’t bring facts into the conversation. Some guys with guns in Texas might not understand.

If a person’s house were on fire, neighbors would alert the family.

Earth, consider yourself warned. Daily clarion calls.

The science is in.

And on a related note, Maryland is looking to build a fracked gas facility at Cove Point in Lusby. The product will be exported to China.

Approximately 2000 families live within a few miles of this proposed facility.

Good news. Earthquakes are not anticipated. (Yet.) Just possible hell-like fires. And no escape or contingency plans for the people in this southern Maryland community.

Frack you.

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