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Fracassi Lashes enhances eyelash extension experience with expert application

Falicia Fracassi, CEO of Fracassi Lashes
Falicia Fracassi, CEO of Fracassi Lashes

Whether it be for work and happy hour or school and work, the key to achieving an interchangeable appearance is all in the eyes. That is, a soft, bold look. Impossible? Not with eyelashes.

Eyelashes are everything, according to Falicia Fracassi, owner of Fracassi Lashes. She would know. Back in 2009, she opened her first eyelash parlor in Rochester, NY to fill a void she thought was missing in beauty. "Everyone was going to their girlfriend's house, their homegirl's house, and to the hair salon where they use hair glue. Everybody was doing lashes wrong," she said. With no loans and no grants, she set off on a mission to perfect the application of eyelashes. Instead of buying designer bags and shoes with her extra money, she bought stores. With locations now in New York City, Rochester and Buffalo, Fracassi Lashes uses fine-point tweezers and medical grade adhesive to apply a variety of eyelash extensions that last from 1-2 weeks to months, depending on your service.

Eyelashes provide a little pop of mystery. It's that slight enhancement, which can be found at virtually any beauty store, that adds so much depth to your eyes. So, we asked Falicia:

Why Fracassi Lashes?

"The way that we do them in the parlor, we actually sit down and talk with you about the look that you're looking for - consultation. Second, we actually take the lashes and look at your own and blend them so they look natural. A lot of times you just go to these places and they're just slapping on lashes. They look messy, they look fake. My lashes, people never know that they aren't my own. I recently patented and trademarked the Dash Lash and The Million Dollar Lash. That one is our no. 1 seller. A lot of my celebrity clients love it because they blend short, medium to long and they look really natural. They're noticeable but not over-the-top. You don't look like a drag queen, I promise!"

Fracassi Lashes is expanding to Los Angeles and Miami, and hopes to go international at some point. Follow @Fracassi_Lashes on Instagram and visit for more info and to book a consultation.