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Foxes dances between alternate universes in 'Holding Onto Heaven' music video

U.K. singer-songwriter Foxes premiered the music video for her latest single "Holding Onto Heaven" on Sunday via Twitter. In the magical clip, she dances between alternate universes: one representing reality and the other is pure fantasy.


Foxes is known worldwide for her feature on Zedd's "Clarity" but the singer has been making a name for herself with a few single releases. "Holding Onto Heaven" is the latest single from her upcoming album Glorious. The mid-tempo pop track is just as enchanting and gloomy as Foxes' past releases.

In the music video for "Holding Onto Heaven", Foxes travels between two universes. One of them is a dull and bleak universe where no one pays her any attention and the other is a big dance party. She sulks around in the former while the latter centers around her and a lot of dance routines. At the end of the day, the fantasy was just a fantasy and her magical music box stops playing. Foxes sure knows how to dream up a lot of fun, though, in the "Holding Onto Heaven" video.

Foxes' debut album, Glorious, will be released on May 12 in the U.K.