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Fox News: Save the environment by eliminating the EPA

Despite the word in their name, conservatives aren't normally the ones who seem all that worried about the environment, but during a recent Fox News broadcast, they seemed to have change their tune.

Fox News
Robert Sobel

While the Republican party appears to be spit into many factions, one thing that most can agree on is that the federal government, at least the current White House, is just too big and needs to be scaled back. One area where many conservatives often pledge to cut back or eliminate completely, is the Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA. During a recent episode of "Forbes on Fox," panelist John Tamny was asked by host David Asman to make his case for why the EPA should be abolished.

“We should abolish the EPA precisely because we want to help the environment. The EPA is a barrier to economic growth, yet economic growth has been proven time after time again the best way to fix the environment. So abolish it and help it.”

Republicans, conservatives and libertarians alike, have branded the EPA and other government programs as evil, nothing short of a massive government intrusion into the free market. While there is no denying that the government often oversteps its boundaries and that more government doesn't also equal good government, that doesn't discount the positive impact that the EPA has had over the last 40 years. According to the Aspen Institute’s Energy and Environment Program, the EPA was originally designed with the mission to “permit coordinated and effective government action on behalf of the environment.” Some of the more notable positive things the EPA include Banning widespread use of DDT, removing the acid from rain, clearing second hand smoke, removing lead from gasoline and the air, vehicle efficiency and emissions controls among many others.

If the Republican party plans to win big on a national stage they seriously need to rethink their game plan when it comes to multiple issues. Simply stating that their platform includes restructuring the EPA, to strengthen it through reform would even sound better than cutting an destroying it. Until Republicans get of their "we hate everything the government does ever" campaign, they won't be winning on a national level anytime soon.

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