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Fox News, Sarah Palin fake LL Cool J, Toby Keith interviews for 'Real American Stories'



  • walrus 6 years ago

    "...we are cutting his interview from the special and wish him the best with his fledgling acting career."

    wow, real quality people at fox

  • Stan The Man 6 years ago

    Oh yeah his acting career rivals Marlon Brando's. Wow what a great thespian that LL Cool J be.

  • walrASS 6 years ago

    Man just look at all those blockbuster films LL has starred in, makes me feel all sad that I've never seen a single one.

  • Jill 6 years ago

    What did you expect from Fox, the "fake and biased" news network.

  • Sydney 6 years ago

    Jill, Fox didn't fake any interview with LL Cool J. The interview they showed was an interview he did with Fox for a 2008 web project, "Real American Stories". Because there were no restrictions placed on its use of his interview, Fox didn't need his permission to air again.

  • fired up & fed up ready 4 2010 6 years ago

    Somebody call poor LL cool putz a WAHmbulance. I can't take his whining about something that's bigger & better than the likes of him! What a cry baby.
    And Toby, why don't you grow a pair and back this positive, uplifting program about special stories about "some" SPECIAL PEOPLE?

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