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Fox News reporter is cursed out by Ferguson protester on-air

Last night the town of Ferguson once again dissolved into chaos with police moving in to break up protesters. According to an account by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the night ended with two shootings, 31 arrests, and a countless number of tear gas canisters and rubber bullets being fired. In the midst of all the disruptions was a Fox News reporter who found himself in an angry, on-air confrontation with a protester on national television. At one point the protest can be heard cursing out the reporter telling him "Say that sh*t. No say that sh*t." A video of the interaction, via Mediate, can be seen above, with a summary below.

What appears to have the protester was the following comment from Fox News correspondent Steve Harrigan,

This is right now a media event, pure and simple. This is people running towards tear gas, running away from it. The dignified protesters went home at dusk. This is just child's play right now."

Harrigan's comment painted all the demonstrators present as children who were only interested in media attention rather than peace and justice.

The protester, clearly upset, then thrust himself into Harrigan live shot saying, "Say that sh*t. No say that sh*t."

Harrigan attempted to get the man stop by telling him that he was on live television. The protester quickly noted that he did not care whether he was on television or not, and told Harrigan that facing tear gas and rubber bullets is no child's play.

Fox News host Shepherd Smith appears to blame the situation on the "bright lights" of the media, saying the situation has devolved into a show.

To his credit, Harrigan stands down and allows the protester to yell at him before engaging the man in a calmer conversation about the frustration and anger which has been built up among the protesters. The protesters then tells his side of the story, saying he actually tried to get people to go home if they had no purpose for being on the street.

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