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Fox News on the warpath: Class warfare

Fox News is promoting that Obama is trying to stir up class warfare to distract from Obamacare troubles. What are the demographics of Fox News? Last summer, MSN reported that Fox News was in trouble because its audience is aging and dying out. The latest headline from Fox News is that the “White House resets focus to ‘income inequality,’ amid ObamaCare problems.”

Little things at Fox News

Wes Barrett reports:

“The Obama administration has set the stage for a push that could rekindle cries of class warfare -- calling for renewed long-term unemployment benefits, a minimum wage increase and a campaign against what Democrats call ‘income inequality.’”

To whom is Fox News talking?

“The network's median age has edged above 65 for six of the past eight years, The New York Times' Bill Carter reports. It's impossible to know exactly how old Fox News' audience is, because ratings company Nielsen doesn't provide an exact figure once viewers are older than 65.”

What percentage of those older Americans are wealthy conservatives? At best, the answer might be half, but it is more likely to be much less than that.

So, Fox News is appealing to a smaller audience of senior watchers who perceive that they are in the upper class, and buffered from calamity that affects their financial well being. However, some of them get excited by the notion that President Obama is trying to shake down their wealth. Is that it?

According to Fox News:

“Critics (like Fox News) suggest the president is turning to populist themes -- and stoking the class warfare debate -- in an effort to pivot away from the troubled rollout of his signature health care law.”

Reality is that we have income inequality in America and that job creation in the private sector hasn’t kept pace with demand.

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