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Fox News: Obama has 'inflamed' the riots in Ferguson over Michael Brown's death

Ever since 18 year old African American Michael Brown was gun downed in Ferguson, Missouri Saturday night, protests have occurred around the country demanding answers. While all eyes seem to be focused on what is going on in Ferguson, Fox News has taken a different direction by blaming President Obama.

resident Barack Obama delivers remarks during a press briefing at the Edgartown School on August 14, 2014 in Edgartown, Massachusetts.
Photo by Pool/Getty Images

According to most recent reports, Michael Brown allegedly left a convenient store in Ferguson Saturday morning where he allegedly stole cigarettes. The security camera footage shows a man who appears to be Brown, shoving the convenient store clerk into a rack of potato chips and intimidating him before finally leaving the store. All this happened in the span of one minute and many locals have questioned the video's validity. An unarmed Brown than allegedly got into an altercation with a police officer who was responding to a robbery call in the neighbor. Brown was than gun-downed and killed. Since then, protests have occurred throughout the country, none getting more attention that what happened in Ferguson on Monday night into Tuesday morning when police began firing tear gas at protesters. It was announced early Tuesday morning from local police that there where 15 arrests made, and two journalists, from the Washington Post and Huffington post, were detained during the night.

President Obama released a statement Tuesday afternoon, condemning the actions of the police officers, called Brown's death "heartbreaking" and called for peaceful protests. Elected officials from both sides of the aisle have condemned the actions of the police officers, but during Thursday's broadcast of "The Five" on Fox News, co-host Andrea Tanraros blamed President Obama for making matters worse in Ferguson.

"Think about what we have here. We have citizen journalists now which we didn't have before. So instead of the news media being there/ we have people on the streets using their cell phones to film. We have people, filing people filming what is going on in the streets. So it is starting to spiral out of control. I am shocked that the president would get involved with this at this point. I'm not surprised because he has stuck his nose in other local issues. But to Greg's point, there's the right, there's the middle and the left side of this. But there is also the people who are not there, which is most of us. And that is what the Chief of police tried to come out and say. 'Look, the president is not helping the situation out by making comments from the Vineyard today.' I mean, did he get his updates yesterday in between him doing the macarena at the party he was at? I just don't think it help and Dana was absolutely right. The president would have been perfect and pitch with his remarks, but instead his comment about excessive force by the police, the police that have resisted using excessive force on Sunday night, they backed off on Sunday night. It only got worse, to me, the president only inflamed the situation."

What exactly happened to Michael Brown last Saturday might never come out. It seems to be a rehash of a familiar story of an unarmed African American being unjustly attacked and killed by a police officer who, at the very least, overstepped their boundaries. As President of the United States, Barack Obama did what any president would do, but of course to those in the right wing media, it's never good enough.

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