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Fox News: Legalizing same-sex marriage will lead to bestiality

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With nearly half the states in the country now legalizing same-sex marriage, conservative backlash has grown louder and in many ways, crazier.

During Wednesday's episode of "Fox & Friends" and Fox News, co-host Anna Kooiman spoke with Fox contributor Dr. Keith Ablow. Ablow was asked what he thought about Democrat California Gov. Jerry Brown signing a law that would change the word "husband" and "wife" to "spouse" on marriage applications. Among other things, Ablow said he thought it was "nuts" and that it could lead to legalizing bestiality.

“Here’s the thing, the state needs to get out of the marriage business because here’s what we can expect...There’s no way that the state of California can deny a marriage license to four spouses now, eight spouses..or, I would say, three human spouses and the canine they absolutely love because if love is the foundation of marriage, they can love their dog, too.”

This isn't the first time Fox News has suggested that same-sex marriage could lead to "alternative lifestyles." Just last month, host of the "O'Reilly Factor," Bill O'Reilly claimed that same-sex marriage legalization could open the door to polyamorous relationships.