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Fox News' Juan Williams plays the race card on tea party opponents of Obama

Juan Williams poses with his wife on the red carpet upon arrival at a salute to FOX News
Juan Williams poses with his wife on the red carpet upon arrival at a salute to FOX News
Photo by Brendan Hoffman/Getty Images

Fox News’ Juan Williams has for a long time been a favorite liberal for many conservatives. Getting fired from NPR certainly helped elevate the regard he has on the right. But he put that good will to a serious test Sunday, according to Breitbart TV, when he suggested, all so subtly, that the disdain that the tea party has for President Obama is largely motivated by racism. During a discussion on the law suit filed by House Republicans against the president and the talk of impeachment, host of Fox News Sunday Chris Wallace put the question to him/

Williams responded, "Well, all I can do is look at the numbers. If you look at the core constituency the people who are in Tea Party opposition support of impeachment there's no diversity, it's a white older group of people." He also said, "The people who want him impeach are all white and they are all older and in the far-right wing of the Republican Party."

The message was cloaked in euphemism, but clear for all to see. The tea party is mainly white and old. They don’t like the president. Clearly it’s racism.

It is not the first time that the race card has been played against the tea party. Both Bill Maher and Rep. Charlie Rangel have done it. But Maher is paid handsomely to say outrageous things on his HBO show and Rangel is a politician also given to saying alarming things. Williams is a respected journalist who appears on the most popular cable news network in the world to offer his opinion.

Williams’ statement sparked a battle on the panel discussion, according to the Daily Caller, in which Heritage Action head Michael Needham accused him of, “Demonizing good people.” Needham also noted the delicious irony of Williams attributed a sordid motivation to a group of people based on their race, as well as age, perhaps an example of racism. Needham had accused the president of being “lawless,” for which he explained the motive for the law suit, aimed at curbing Obama’s usurpation of executive power, as well as calls for impeachment from Sarah Palin and others.