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Fox News falls for prank to end Father's Day by angry feminists

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Apparently Fox News and their guests have fallen for the ultimate Father's Day prank created by alleged angry "feminists."

Over at the website 4chan, a little Father's Day prank was created via a fake social media campaign. With the hashtag "#EndFathersDay," the campaign was created around the idea that angry feminists were fighting back. Over at Fox News on Father's Day Sunday, co-host of Fox & Friends Tucker Carlson was outraged by the "event," and spoke with Susan Patton, an anti-feminist author who recently released a book on the subject.

Patton: They're not just interested in ending Father's Day, they're interested in ending men...That's really what they want.

Carlson: When you crush men, you hurt women!

Patton: For these ridiculous, antagonistic women to say it's a celebration of male oppression...No, it's a harmless creation of the greeting card industry, the aftershave industry, the tie manufacturers.

Patton continued her rant, this time painting a brush over all alleged feminists stating that they probably "don't even have men in their lives."

"We're talking about a group of antagonistic feminists, who, first, don't even have men in their lives probably...It just one more thing, one more micro-aggression for them to latch onto and get crazy over. This is absolutely absurd. Nobody's talking about Mother's Day."

While Carlson noted that idea started as tongue in cheek, but was gaining momentum with feminists online and could cause some serious problems. No word on whether Fox News will be promoting a taking point on the "War on Father's Day."



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