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FOX News does it again!

According to Fox cable news, the disappearance of the jet liner twelve days ago has taken more hits

than Obama's Health care plan. They have brought in more supposed experts and retired bored pundits

that would be as long as the federal deficit. Fox news has always been the number one news channel

on cable because most Nursing Homes, Hospital Emergency rooms and many plant manufacturers

have their televisions tuned in twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. Most Americans are not

actually sitting or laying down to watch their station so just being turned on is enough to garnish such

a high viewer rating. Most Fox commentators and contributors are former news anchors or freelance

workers that can't or won't be hired by other affiliates. Fox and Friends, for example is a news twist

of the ABC show named The View. In which Elisabeth Hasselbeck was a former member.

Hannity, which is hosted by Sean Hannity is a news show with a talk show type program.

He claims to have an answer for unemployed Americans, that there are tons of jobs located in

North Dakota. He is correct in that fact, however most of those jobs require college degrees

and involve oil rig or energy engineering type knowledge, which most unemployed Americans

do not have and relocating there is another cost that these companies do not provide.

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