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Fox News contributor uses rape to describe 'fiscal cliff' deal

Pat Caddell on Fox News
Pat Caddell on Fox News
Screenshot from Fox News video

Fox News contributor Pat Caddell said Sunday that the "fiscal cliff" deal was tantamount to "raping" the "ordinary American."

Caddell, along with Doug Schoen and former Rep. John LeBoutillier (R-NY), he was discussing who the winners were in the recent fiscal cliff negotiations.

Schoen said that the deal was a huge win for President Obama and Democrats.

Caddell said, "The bigger loser was the American people by a long shot. This deal is a raping of the ordinary American."

Special interests, he said, made out like bandits in the deal.

Caddell was once a Democrat. He worked on McGovern's 1972 presidential campaign and was influential in President Jimmy Carter's administration.

He left the Democratic party in the late 1980s over a lawsuit. Now he's a Fox New contributor, pollster and political film consultant.


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