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Fox News contributor called a 'moron' who needs to 'shut up' by guest

Usually when things get out of hand during a heated debate on live TV, the host is the one who has control and shuts down the conversation. On Fox News this past weekend, the roles were reversed.

A debate on Fox News gets heated.

During Saturday's episode of "Cashin' In" on Fox News, host Eric Bolling was a witness to a debate that got a bit out of hand. Frequent Fox News contributor Michelle Fields joined actor Wayne Rogers, of M*A*S*H fame, for a discussion with Bolling in regards to the recent kidnappings by ISIS of American journalists. When asked if he supported paying a ransom for the release of hostages, Rogers opposed, stating, “All you do when you do that is encourage them to do more kidnappings.” The conversation moved along nicely, as Fields agreed with Rogers and noted that, "We need to show these terrorists that when they kidnap an American it does not result in a monetary compensation, it results in swift retaliation.”

That's when the conversation took a turn for the worse, as Mediaite reports. Host Eric Bolling brought up President Obama's recent swap of five Gitmo detainees for POW .Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl. Bolling asked both Rogers and Fields what the difference was between exchanging prisoners from Guantanamo Bay, and paying a financial ransom. Fields said he didn't believe that swapping detainees for a POW should be considered negotiating, but Fields disagreed. The two got into a shouting match until Rogers had enough, threw papers at the camera and stated, “Let me finish, for God’s sake! Will you shut up? What is the matter with you? Why do you have to talk all the time?”

“It is not negotiating," Rodgers doubled down to Fields. The former cast member of M*A*S*H ripped out his ear piece before finally stating, "You’re a moron because you talk to much and you don’t think through it."

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