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Fox News contributor: 'Bitter' blacks and Obama to blame for white racism

Fox News
Fox News
Robert Sobel

While the United States has made progress when it comes to issues of race, it's still not where it needs to be. Despite this, a Fox News contributor and conservative radio host is placing the blame of racism on the doorstep of African Americans.

Sandy Rios, a Fox News contributor and radio host on American Family Radio took to the air waves to respond to a caller who accused her of being a racist. Rios didn't deny that racism excited in the United States, but deflected blame away from herself and other White Americans.

“I think the racist garbage coming from the, uh, a lot of blacks right now who are just filled with bitterness and rage is just amazing to me...It is racism, I am seeing it constantly here in D.C., you know, I think, and it’s causing white citizens to become more racist than they ever were....I think for the most part, the American Anglo-Saxon crew really has moved past racism, they did it quite a long time ago."

Rios took her statement a step further, blaming President Obama and Attorney General Holder for creating "anger and hatred and bitterness" toward white Americans.

"I think what’s causing it is people like Barack Obama and Eric Holder, who can’t say enough and stir the pot enough to create anger and hatred and bitterness...You know, they do the same thing with women, it’s the same thing in feminism, that’s why I've never been a feminist. I hate feminism.”

The cry of reverse racism isn't something new and it's true that prejudice on all levels occur across all nationalities and races, but to blame one particular group for the racism of another is just not accurate.

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