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Fox News contributor Alan Colmes, ignorant beyond contempt

Fighting the dumb fight..
Fighting the dumb fight..
Photo by Peter Kramer/Getty Images

Anyone can say something silly. Lots do that and worse. But if you are a babbling loon, on the level of Fox News' sacrificial-liberal Alan Colmes, and no one offers to enlighten or wheel you off the set, but rather encourages you with a paycheck, you may not be at fault.

Alan Colmes is an entertainer. Like Rush Limbaugh, he has found, and does alarmingly well filling a niche for a significant segment of the general public that chooses outrage as a form of entertainment. Colmes and Limbaugh may be political opposites, but they share and thrive within a similar philosophy, specifically that passion drives ratings. Positive or otherwise, if people care about you, they will tune in. Of course the opposite is also true. If you are reliant on capricious human emotion, keeping your audience, and income stream, can require extreme measures.

Last night Alan Colmes returned to Fox's The O'Reilly Factor, the scene of several crimes, and outdid himself. Welcomed warmly despite repeated assaults on reason, most notably arguing on behalf of the Boston Marathon bombers, Colmes proceeded to dispel thousands of years of history and common awareness, claiming George Bush created Al Qaeda. The comment blundered out of Colmes' disparate imagination and through his lips, without getting held up in his brain. It was his contribution to a conversation about ISIS, designed to take pressure off President Obama. Colmes' fetid point: if, yes, if there is again a true terrorist threat, it's because of American interference in Iraq. Ron Paul would be proud.

Again, like Limbaugh and the last couple White House press secretaries, Colmes doesn't believe much of the nonsense he says publicly. But, people keep pointing cameras at him while inviting him to speak on important events. He could quite easily say, "I don't know." or, "You know, for the powerless troll we made him out to be during his presidency, George Bush now being responsible for the unhinging of humanity seems a bit of a contradiction." It's a lot harder to make your way in the media defending the Bush family, however. Just ask Karl Rove.