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Fox News continues employment of analyst who endorsed Obama's assassination

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After endorsing the assassination of President Obama, Fox News has continued to employee a controversial conservative figure.

It seems as if the American people are more politically divided today than ever before in history. While a good healthy debate from both sides is encourages, some people have a tendency to cross the line in ways that shouldn't be acceptable. Case in point one Michael Scheuer, former former CIA officer and analyst for CBS News. Scheuer has said many controversial statements in the past, with none getting as much negative press as the December 23, 2013 column he wrote for his website In his piece, Media Matter highlights Scheuer labeling both President Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron as "tyrants," and endorsed their assassination.

"As they head further down the road of losing wars and wrecking Anglo-American liberties, Messrs Obama and Cameron and their supporters in all parties would do well to read the words of the great 17th century English republican Algernon Sidney, a man who was revered on both sides of the Atlantic, who greatly influenced America's founders, and who was executed by the British Crown for what it described as sedition. 'There must therefore be a right,' Sidney wrote...

...If he [a political leader] be justly accounted an enemy of all, who injures all; he above all must be the publick enemy of a nation, who by usurping power over them, does the greatest and most publick injury that a people can suffer. For which reason, by an established law among the most virtuous nations, every man might kill a tyrant; and no names are recorded in history with more honor, than of those who did it."

Media Matter reports that Scheuer has been a guest analyst for multiple Fox News shows through out the summer, most recently the August 1 edition of "Fox and Friends." During an appearance on Fox Business' "Lou Dobbs Tonight" in January, Scheuer accused former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton of essentially murdering Americans during the attack on the U.S. in Benghazi, Libya.

What does this say about a news organization to continue to employee someone as a regular guest who has such an extreme view. It's no secret that Fox News is a right wing, conservative leaning news station. On the flip side, MSNBC is a left leaning news outlet, but MSNBC has and continues to promote itself as such. For Fox News to label themselves as the "fair and balanced" news source for millions of Americans, it says a lot about their credibility to have Michael Scheuer as a repeated guest.