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Fox News and conservative talk radio step up propaganda to rally the sheep

The faces of right-wing lies.
The faces of right-wing lies.
Media Matters

With the mid-term elections approaching, conservative media outlets have stepped up on the lies and distortions to rally their base and anyone else who will listen to their right-wing garbage. I refer to their base of ultra conservative Tea Party types who tune in religiously to get their fill of hate-filled Obama narratives, fake scandals, and lies about the Affordable Care Act.

Indeed, the conservative wingnuts on talk radio have been really serving up the red meat lately, nothing we haven't heard before but louder. Obama is a communist who wants class warfare and redistribution of wealth!! Don't expect to hear the truth that the president recognizes that government has a critical role to play in protecting the most vulnerable citizens and assisting in developing opportunities for all Americans. You won't hear that the president wants to ensure that ALL Americans get a fair shake and not be victim to a system where the average effective income tax rate for the top 1% was 17% last year when the working man's rate was 30%. You won't hear that the President's endgame is fair and just, where the collective body and the individual citizen have a mutually beneficial interest in working together. What you will hear is the same old nonsense about Obama being a tyrant who wants to take your liberties and property away.You will also get a helping of the already debunked nonsense, about Obama not doing all he could to save the four Americans in Benghazi or that Obama was somehow behind the IRS targeting of conservatives always leaving out that they were targeting liberal groups too.

Of course the Affordable Care Act is their number one target. Fox News continues to spew lies that most people have lost their insurance under Obamacare and that a CBO report says 2 million more people will be forced out of work. False on both counts. Under Obamacare, insurance companies are ending policies that had horrible holes such as limits on coverage that made their plans worthless if they were struck with a serious medical condition. They now have options for subsidized plans that will often have lower premiums for real health insurance instead of junk insurance.The key part is that those people aren't losing their health insurance, they are in a transition phase and their coverage stays while the company works with them to make sure they are fully covered and happy with a plan selection. As for their spin on the CBO report citing 2 million people will lose their jobs under Obamacare, what the report is really saying is that people will leave the workforce by "choice" because of access to affordable healthcare. A bit different then being “forced”out.

This writer is particularly fed up with these right-wing millionaire talk radio hosts, who do not represent the interests of the poor and their mostly working class audience. These jerks who call themselves Constitutional conservatives constantly complaining about big government. What they're really saying is we're selfish jackasses who refuse to pay our fair share of taxes to subsidize women's birth control and lazy moochers (because you know, if you're unemployed you must be a lazy moocher). They talk about tyranny under Obama quoting ad nauseum the Constitution, that it guarantees citizens the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness conveniently leaving out life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness not a rigged system where the rich have been getting richer on the backs of the poor and middle for the last three decades. They preach conservatism is all about freedom and liberty when in reality their idea of conservatism is all about oppression- abolishing the working man’s collective bargaining rights; abolishing equal pay for women; abolishing the right that a woman has over her own body; abolishing voter’s rights and disenfranchising minorities; abolishing the rights of students to a student loan and an education; abolishing the rights of gays to marriage; and abolishing opportunities for hardworking immigrants who have been here for years with their families and want to send their children to college.

We have the midterm elections this year and millions of uninformed voters taken advantage of by right-wing media will be heading to the polls. Voters who have been sold a bill of goods like President Obama is responsible for more debt then his predecessor, without looking at the cause of the increase - tax cuts for the rich, two wars, and the recession of 2008, which obviously started before President Obama took office (by the way according to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, virtually the entire deficit over the next ten years is due to Bush policies and the economic downturn. So yes, we can still blame Bush). These are the facts you won’t hear on talk radio or Fox News. What you will hear from them are lies and distortions. Right-wing propaganda intent on protecting the interests of the few but not looking out for the interests of all Americans.